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Microwave Analog Signal Generator

Applications:Local Oscillator Replacement / Component Test / Receiver Sensitivity Test

Within 2GHz – 40GHz frequency band, spur suppression <-60dBc

Up to +20dBm power output

Phase Noise < -113dBc/Hz (10GHz,measured at 10kHz offset)

Narrow pulse modulation function, minimum pulse width 100ns

Typical value of rise and fall time 10ns

Small size, 400mmX 320mmX89mm, standard 2U height

SR800A Real-time Signal Analyzer Record & Playback System

Applications: Interference Analysis/Surveillance/Spectrum Management/Satellite Communications

RF Input and Output: 2Hz ~ 85GHz

Signal Bandwidth: 160MHz and above, SFDR greater than 78dBc

POI: 0.91us

Phase Noise: -137dBc/Hz@10kHz offset, 1GHz CF

DANL: -150dBm/Hz@25GHz

Seamless Streaming: 800MB/s, above 16 hours

All data files are in NTFS format, no need for conversion and exportation

Radar pulse analysis and general digital modulation analysis

Portable RF Record & Playback Apparatus

Applications: Interference Analysis/Surveillance/Spectrum Management/Satellite Communications

·         High integration, high portability

·         Pluggable PXI RF receiving and transmitting channels to meet different applications

·         All data files are in NTFS format, no need for conversion

          and exportation

·         Quick-view analysis for large capacity data files (TB level) in

           order to facilitate uses’ demands

XBERTSeries Bit Error Rate Tester

XBERT Series Bit Error Rate Tester provides high performance, extensive functions, flexible option and ultra-high integration.

1-16 channel output, support NRZ/PAM4 signal switching

Rate coverage 1-60GBaud, support rate continuously adjustable
Support JTOL testing

FEC symbol error correction function
Support RJ/SJ jitter injection function

Support amplitude expansion, up to 4V

Precise phase adjustment between channels
Module pluggable design, built-in ESD protection circuit
Small and lightweight
Can be used as a clock data recovery instrument (CDR) alone

UGA2000A Vector Signal Generation and Analysis System

Applications: 5G Communications / Wideband RF/MW for Communications / Complex Electromagnetic Environment

Frequency Coverage: 0.5GHz ~ 67GHz

Ultra-wideband: instantaneous signal bandwidth up to 2GHz or above

Phase Noise (50GHz): ≤-100dBc/Hz@10kHz

Signal calibration function, conveniently and quickly complete a signal pre-distortion

Microwave Up/Downconverter

Applications: T&M Systems/Satellite Communications/MIMO

RF Coverage: 0.5 ~ 50GHz

Up to 2GHz or above instantaneous signal bandwidth

Amplitude Equalization and Group Delay Equalization

Variety of IF/bandwidth choices

Excellent phase noise specification (50GHz): ≤-100dBc/Hz@10KHz

Internal and external reference switching